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Standard Care Package (1 x 50ml Solution, 1 x 20gm Powder and 1 x Pads)

Eye Envy is the ultimate in tear stain removal systems for Dogs and Cats. Externally applied, this safe, non-irritating and effective cleanser removes unsightly stains and inhibits dark staining production.

This safe and reliable formula may also be applied to your pet to eliminate most feet and mouth/beard stains.

Eye Envy removes stains in as few as three applications! Eye Envy has been tested and proven to work by professional breeders.! (Dogs require 3-5 consecutive applications to see real results.)

Results may vary by breed, so please give the product at least one week.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!
Also works GREAT on both Dogs and Cats!!
PLEASE do NOT apply with paper towels or tissue paper!!
Bleach User: Bleaching causes the hair to become very porous, allowing stains to set in.
Eye Envy should be used on clean (bleach-free) hair, in order to see the true results.

Standard Care Package