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Comb your medium and long haired cats with ease.  This is a dual-tooth 6-inch comb with 64 long and 32 short carbon steel pins. Designed with alternating teeth to reach down into the fur and effectively remove the dead underlayer. Each pin has a rounded tip to protect the skin from damage. The comb opens up the coat with tugging or pulling. The rounded tips do not hurt or scratch and make combing a comfortable experience for the cat. Regular use reduces excessive self-grooming and prevents hairballs.


Cat Carding Comb

With a few strokes of this comb, you will effectively deshed your cat, removing the loose and unwanted dead undercoat without damaging the top layer. The comb moves through the coat easily without snagging or breaking fine hairs. Unwanted hair is removed smoothly and effectively while preserving the upper layer. The result is a beautiful shiny, silky coat. 

Remove tangles, knots, and dry dingleberries and prevent matting with regular use. Reduce grooming costs, as a shave-down or scissoring will no longer be necessary. The comb will stimulate the skin and hair follicles for a healthy, beautiful-looking coat.


Long Haired Cat Comb

Eye Envy ProGlide Cat Comb can be used on any type of coat (even a short-haired domestic) but it is ideal for double-coated and triple-coated cats with medium to long-haired coats such as the Maine Coon, Siberian, Burmilla, Norwegian Forest, Ragdoll, Ragamuffin, Persian, and Exotic cats. Expect maximum purrs, even from sensitive and difficult cats.


Comb size: 148mm long (5.8 inches) by 23mm wide (0.9 inches)

Individual pin length: 19mm (0.675 inches) and 14mm (0.55")


How to Use


Daily combing helps ward off mats and tangles, distributes natural oils, and strips off loose hair.


Start at the top layer following the grain of the coat and work your way down to the undercoat. If you come across a knot or tangle, don’t tug or pull, gently comb it out.


Did You know?

Brushing a cat isn’t the best technique for removing shedding hair and undercoat. Brushes add static and do not reach down to the skin where the problem may be.

Proglide Cat Comb