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The Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Powder for Dogs and Cats is the second step in the tear stain removal process.

The application powder is strongly recommended to use as an enhancer within our tear stain removal system. The application powder actually helps repels tears to keep the area dry and to prevent the regrowth of tear stain causing bacteria. Highly recommended for all breed, especially whites and light colored coats.

Eye Envy application powder does not contain bleach, cornstarch, or steroids. The Eye Envy Powder is NOT a cover-up.

Eye Envy removes stains in as few as three applications! Eye Envy has been tested and proven to work by professional breeders.! (Dogs require 3-5 consecutive applications to see real results.)

Results may vary by breed, so please give the product at least one week.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!
Works GREAT on Cats and Dogs.


The powder is most effective within of six months from time of opening the jar.

Eye Envy Powder

  • Available in 3 sizes;

    20g - $25.00
    60g - $45.00
    120g - $75.00

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