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Eye Envy® Beard Stain Remover Spray (formerly known as Off The Beard) is designed with a perfect blend of all natural ingredients to eliminate stains on your cat or dog’s beard caused by the oxidation of saliva, artificial coloration within food and treats, run off from tearing on smaller pets or a yeast infection called Pityrosporum or Ptyrosporin (aka “red yeast”).

Also a variety of mild to severe health problems can contribute to excessive accumulation of porphyrins on the beard that can cause staining - periodontal disease, conformational abnormalities and difficulty chewing can all cause drooling, which may accumulate around the mouth.  


With similar antiseptic herbal extracts, to our Eye Envy® Tear Stain Solution for Dogs and Cats, our Beard Stain Remover Spray removes stains and promotes a clean, odor-free, kissable beard.


Ideal for dog breeds such as Maltese, Shih Tzu, Havanese, Schnauzer and light haired/white cats.


Alcohol and sulfate free. Does not contain bleach, peroxide or whitening agents.

Off the Beard Stain Remover - 118ml

  • Instructions: Shake bottle well, spray beard area generously and allow product to dry naturally. Repeat daily until stains are gone, then maintain weekly or as needed.  Great for Maltese, Shih Tzu, Havanese, Schnauzer, and other breeds with beard stains.